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Yoga and Meditation

Yoga is practical way to achieve peace of mind balancing body and mind. It is the process of transformation to gain divine conscious that has been transferred from Guru system, during ancient period of Lord Ram and Krishna.  Yoga is related with bodily postures that is based on Vedic tradition. Yoga has eight fold paths which looks deeply into the morality of living.

Meditation is tendency to revive or reawake internalized energy that you have possessed but is in inert condition with instructions of Guru or enlightened person who has redeemed themselves from this material world. This process of reigniting the inherent human energy is also called Kundalini meditation. It is also process of acknowledging your inner self.



Vipassana Meditation

Vipassana Meditation; the process of following the path of truth seeing things as they really are. The art of living that enables to experience peace and harmony sanctifying the mind and eradicating suffering and cause of suffering which leads to the path of freedom and salvation. It also motivates to transform exploring oneself with insight.


Vipassana meditation; classical meditation rediscovered by Lord Buddha around 2500 years ago encourages to experience peace and harmony making mind free from suffering and rooted cause of suffering.

Vipassana motivates to attain high levels of achievement on all spheres of life to lead happy, healthy and fruitful lives with mental purification through self-observation.



Benefits and advantages of Yoga and Meditation

  • Meditation remedies those people who have engaged on drug, habituated to smoking, drinking alcohol and are drug addict but could not be able to bounce back from drug addiction.
  • It sharpens the mind that results in increase of creativity.
  • Releases from tension, anger and frustration making feel relax and refresh.
  • Yoga and meditation boost energy to tackle the challenges of life making immune.



Osho tapoban Meditation

The perfect venue for Osho meditation is meditation center of Gumdi VDC on northern belt of Dhading district which is 130 kilometers distant from Kathmandu. The Osho Tapoban meditation center dwelling at the elevation of 1700 meters grants quality time to experience peace and harmony of mind on peaceful environment of countryside with bewitching vision of snow clad mountains such as Ganesh himal, Manaslu and Langtang himal. The gushing sound of Netrawati river enchants ear while doing meditation.

 Meditation is initiated by well trained and special native instructors who supervises and guides to explore oneself with insight. The meditation programme held every morning and evening at large hall for one hour whereas closed day meditation is held on every Saturday from 7am to 3 pm where many practiser would be native women. Several meditation camp are held at various times in which many visitors visit this center to be benefitted with meditation program offered by this center with good accommodation along organic vegetarian food.    



Osho Meditation

Osho meditation is process of exploring inner self and around us to transcend the mind which has nothing to do with mind.

Osho meditation initiated by Osho; late pioneer of science of consciousness who invented methodology to explore themselves clarifies meditation not as faculty of mind but only utterly silent and totally absence of mind.

Osho meditation that includes Osho dynamic meditation and Osho Kundalini meditation could be done on Osho Tapoban, burgeoning spiritual community that welcomes numerous people from more than ninety countries every year to practice meditation on supervision Swami Anand Arun.


Namo Buddha Meditation

Relish the utmost stillness and peace of mind practicing yoga and meditation at Namo Buddha mingling with monks and nuns with friendly behavior and smile. Quiet and peaceful place with stunning views of mountains is perfect place to have harmony and peace disconnecting from hectic and demanding lifestyle.

Experience tranquility and true internal reflection meditating in presence of Khenpos and special teachers with their instructions on meditation center established by Thrangu Rinpoche.


Yoga and meditation at Monkey Temple 

Uplift yourself physically, mentally and spiritually to release from tension, boredom, hectic lifestyle doing yoga and meditation with guidance of highly experienced yoga instructors near oldest stupa monkey temple. It is an amazing experience with perfect balance between yoga, meditation and Buddhism.