Basic health class to youths joining with our volunteers to solve the issues of mentally, physically distressed vulnerable youths due to bad company, family problems, unknowingly involvement in crime and rely on alcohol, smoking, narcotic drugs to cope with these problems but leading their life to horrible future and situation.

The target of basic health programme is to serve those vulnerable youths to get rid of bad habits by counselling as well as giving them psychological boost and trying to change the attitude of local folks toward them so that they could elevate themselves and use their newly earned energy and vibes to gain positive results.

Objectives of this Training

® Give chances for volunteers whose interest is to cope health issues along sharing personal experience.

® Collect data about vulnerable youths from locals and implement necessary research with solution.

® As from above objective, necessary counselling and health program will be applied on next program.

Program for 5 Days

  1. Introduction and Class
  2. Categorization of group as per participation
  • Discussion on topic from group’s
  1. Field Survey about the subject or issues
  2. Counselling


After completion of program, all records from data surveys will be analyzed to initiate next program on same condition.

Material Used

Application form for program

  1. Volunteers: counselling and advice
  2. Participants Youth: field record with name stated

Method Implemented

Group Discussion, Questionnaire, local visit to categorize whether physically or mentally distress and others.

Volunteer Requirements:       Age: above 18 to 26 or 28 years

                                  Group:) 2 to 18 (maximum)

                                                 5 to 16 (average)

                                                 2 to 6 (minimum)

                                  Days: Seven to Fourteen days (maximum)

                                             One to Five days (minimum)

Conditions: Under the volunteering premises like communities’ volunteers should be bound to rules and regulations during volunteering period.

® We can consider personal things of volunteers and can have query about it unless programme is proceeded. 

Accommodation: Volunteers will be provided facility to stay at Nepalese Home Stay enjoying quality time with host families. You will be served all farm products as food produced at the farms of Home Stay by host families. So, food is organic on present scenario where local markets and restaurants also sell foods grown using chemical fertilizers. Organic food is cooked emphasizing on hygiene in terms of water and cooking method. Volunteers also get facilities of hot water, squat toilets, electricity and television. On context of internet government has not developed WIFI internet on rural areas but you can surf net using data pack afforded by Nepalese simcard like NCELL, Ntc.    


Cost Included

  • Transportation to programme venue and programme activities
  • Pick up
  • Two meals a day for five days programme that is locally managed breakfast and dinner
  • Accommodation for programme period
  • Free Visa service
  • Cost of three nights stay at Kathmandu from day of arrival to departure
  • Food and beverage on welcome and farewell at homestay
  • Free planned itinerary for other activities except five days volunteering
  • Free culture show

Cost Excluded

  • Airport drop
  • Visa charge fee for Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan and India
  • Other activities afford by us except five days volunteering programme as per volunteers’ interest
  • Other services afforded by us as per volunteers’ interest except five days’ volunteers programme
  • Other beverages
  • Medical Expenses


Things you shouldn’t forget

  • All your mandatory documents
  • Your passports with visa
  • Flight tickets
  • Insurance documents
  • Passport size photos 4 copies


Trip Mentioned

This Trip covers total nine nights and eight days programme including four nights three days as travel days and six nights five days for package programme.

Day One: Arrival in Kathmandu and transfer to homestay.

Day Two: Programme by us at Kathmandu including sightseeing with some administration work at office.

Day Three: Drive to volunteering destination of rural area.

Day Four to Eight: Six night five days volunteering package programme will be conducted until day eight of your trip

Day Nine: Return drive to Kathmandu

Day Ten: We drive you to airport on the basis of your scheduled flight

Note: All these programmes are specific and made from our own research from many calculated data’s and surveys if following volunteering programme matches with anybody that would be result of circumstances delivery or coincidence. And these specific educational and health programmes would be conducted on venues like primary school, secondary school, community, club, group or arena of Northern belt of Dhading district including Gumdi village. Whereas other environmental and health campaign could be conducted on local areas near Ganesh Himal as both parties are agreed to do it.

Volunteerism, gives tremendous change or impact on society, as it’s big challenging task. However, health has an immense impact on wealth, these aspects are interrelated. If there is not better health, then there cannot be wealth. So, an effort put on to change people’s health, gives volunteerism wealth. Joining hands to support physically, mentally impaired people with economically crises and needy people, captures both health and wealth aspects of volunteerism, taken as two sides of coin.

Volunteers are persons like us who has volition to support, help, take care each other as well as people economically, physically and mentally horrible condition for purpose of bringing positive impact on society and has great empathy and vision of growing and change. Our concern is not to change the lives but live the change that is, live the change you see, live the change you are, and live the change you be.

It does not carry any purpose, it cares you and it cares me with the thread of love, care, bonding, except nothing is forcible.

They carry nothing behind them, only desire of being happy and spreading happiness on any part of the world with love, care, support, hope and many more.

They pay money to confirm their travelling is okay, managed and safe.

Some people lives filling colors with caring even just it is less or more.

It is simple, one more call to us and we guide you who to look? Where to go? who to help? what to learn? And what to get? after it.

We the Everest holiday does, whenever our support is needed 24/12 we are here.

Your intrinsic nature you are composed with. Able to learn togetherness to live and to share your feeling.

To sense and nurture uniqueness, limitless, wonderful, loving, and caring nature of human behavior even from far behind. On the other hand, the positivity nature mankind spreads all over though it is brought up on any part of world, spreads more over to the shrinking negativity or the poverty as far.

They come to share and they share what they can share.

A little money you have to manage to travel, food, travel insurance, transportation, accommodation and other medical facilities as required.

You will be acknowledged by our expert team and guided by office staff till your period.

Cloths, travel documents mandatory, medicines you are preferred to use, sun glass, mosquito relievers or any safety materials concerns your physical health.

Monsoon just passed by months, so sky must be clear, cloudy little hours a day throughout sky even though visionary. But sun shine most hours a day. Collected clouds can offer you a little rain drops by few hours or in a week mostly at night, thus day is seen clear and perfect. Temperature remain 22 degrees Celsius to 28 degrees Celsius this month.

We help you for shopping to make your journey spectacular and this will yet remain a big gift taken from our country and with love and bless, you will tell this other why you were here.