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The Great himalayan trail is probably the best tour package to enjoy the foothills of the top mountains in nepal with lot of adventure and memories to share with friend. The pricing of the Great Himalayan Trial is quite cheap rather say affordable. You can directly call or mail us for more pricing details. Its about 1500 dollars but may vary. We have special offers time to time and certain discounts for group.

Yes of course, please kindly check the itineray section of the tour where you can have clear view of what will we do with proper date and time. Check here

This is is something done is nepal

Visiting the great himalayan trail in Nepal has been a trend. Its best and favourite of most of the visitors. Any season is good to have trek in the great himalayas.


Test endurance and spirit on the great Himalayan trail trek, assemblage of local footpaths opened in 2009 for trekkers. The world’s not only longest but also highest trekking trail covers 1400 kilometers reaching the heights over 20,000 feet from sea-level. Trekking The Great Himalayan trail with thru- hiker philosophy that covers full distance of Nepal’s Himalayan range running amidst lush green valleys, arid high plateaus and amazing landscapes, Himalayan foothills, dense forests and rustic villages and unfurls gorgeous vision of 8 towering over 8000 meters’ peaks.

The Great Himalayan trail divided into two routes: high route gifted with incredible mountain scenery and low route famed as cultural route. The Great Himalayan trail high route runs through high mountain ranges crossing all five technical pass offering chance to tackle all sorts of problems like avalanche, crawling on snow bridges, facing sudden ice and rock falls along eye appealing glimpse of majestic peaks whereas low route meanders through villages and green hills conferring chance to visit most remote villages on Earth giving sensation of rewinding the history along mingling with friendly local communities.

The incredible The Great Himalayan trail backbone of Nepalese trekking on near future begins from base of World third highest peak Kanchenjunga from eastern part of Nepal grants chance to wander at foothills of 8 world highest peaks passing lush green valleys, rolling hills, high plateaus and amazing landscapes along moment to experience diverse cultures, nomadic lifestyles.The entire the GHT  solo trekking could not be done which requires more trekking experience that takes 104 days to complete but it is sub-divided into multiple smaller trek packages from short 4 days’ trek to famous 23 days Annapurna circuit or 18 days Everest Kalapather trek.

Highlights of the  trip

  • Cover full distance of Himalayan range in Nepal.
  • Stroll through splendid high altitude mountain landscapes crossing rustic villages, pastureland.
  • Flex your muscles on longest The Great Himalayan Trail covering 1700 kilometers in shadows of world highest peaks.
  • Experience sub-tropical to high altitude ecosystems

Itinerary Overview

Day 1: Arrive in Kathmandu and transfer to hotel.

Day 2: preparation for trekking that includes documentation of information, shopping of gears, cloths and food stuffs.

Day 3-4: Drive to Illam from Kathmandu or Flight to Biratnagar from Kathmandu then drive to Illam and overnight stay at hotel.

Day 5: Drive from Illam to Tharpu/ Medibung that takes 7 hours and overnight stay at hotel.

Day 6: Medibung/ Tharpu to Khirlabote(1 hour after Buduksin) 6 hours.

Day 7: Khirlabote to Chyangthapu 6 hours

Day 8: Chyangthapu to Phedi 7 hours

Day 9: Phedi to Phalut 7 hours

Day 10: Phalut to Chiya Bhanjyang crossing Simhalia Bhanjyang 6 hours.

Day 11: Chiya Bhanjyang to Chyangthapu 6 hours.

Day 12: Chyangthapu to Khirlabote 6 hours

Day 13: Khirlabote to Sablakhu Bhanjyang 6 hours

Day 14: Sablakhu Bhanjyang to Tellok 6 hours.

Day 15: Tellok (1500 m) to Suketar (2420m) 6 hours.

Day 16: Suketar (2420m) to Dobhan (658m) 8 hours.

Day 17: Dobhan ( 658 m) to Gorcha (2013m) 4 and half hours.

Day 18: Gorcha ( 2013m) to Deurali Bhanjyang ( 2800 m) 4 hours.

Day 19: Deurali Bhanjyang (2800m) to Nundhaki (1540m) 6 hours

Day 20: Nundhaki ( 1540m) to Bhanjyang Pucha (824m) 5 hours

Day 21: Bhanjyang Pucha (824m) to Khadbari ( 1041m) 6 hours

Great Himalayan Trail Everest and Langtang Section Lower trail

Day 22: Khandbari (1041m) to Manjuwadanda (800m) 5hours

Day 23: Manjuwadanda ( 800m) to Salpa Phedi( 1530m) 8 hours

Day 24: Salpa Phedi (1530m) to Sanam (2834m) crossing the salpa paaa (3340m) 8 hours

Day 25: Sanam (2834m) to Khiraule (2535m) 8 hours

Day 26: khiraule (2535m) to Sibuche (2800m) crossing the Surke la/ Charakot pass (3070m) 7 hours.

Day 27: Sibuche (2800m) to Paiya ( 2767m) crossing Narkung la/ Chaduk la (3161m) and Kari la ( 3059m) 7 hours

Day 28: Paiya (2767m) to Lukla (2870m) 4 hours

Day 29: Rest day in Lukla

Day 30: Lukla ( 2870m) to Khari khola ( 2007m) 8 hours.

Day 31: Khari khola (2007m) to Ringmu ( 2739m) crossing the Taksindu la ( 3062m) 8 hours

Day 32: Ringmu (2739m) to Sete ( 2538m) crossing Lamjura la (3532m) 9 and half hours

Day 33: Sete ( 2538m) to Deurali (2700m) 7 hours

Day 34: Deurali (2700m) to Jiri (1930m) 6 hours

Day 35: Jiri ( 1930m) to Putchar Kharka (2341m) crossing pass at (2736m) 7 hours

Day 36: Putchar Kharka (2341m) to Laduk ( 1790m) 5 and half hours

Day 37: Laduk (1790m) to Bing Gompa (2500m) 8 hours.

Day 38: Bigu Gompa (2505m) to Durumthali (1970m) crossing the Tinsang la ( 3310m) 9 hours.

Day 39: Durumthali (1970m) to Barabise (870m) 3 hours.

Day 40: Barabise (870m) to Jalbire (830m) 8 hours

Day 41: Jalbire (830m) to Khobre (2435m) 8 hours

Day 42: Khobre (2435m) to Pokhare Bhanjyang (1575m) 9 hours

Day 43: Pokhare Banjyang (1575m) to Gyalthung (985m) 2 hours.

Day 44: Gyalthung (985m) to Samundratar (915m) crossing Gul Bhanjyang (2111m) 8 hours

Day 45: Samundratar (915m) to Betrawati (605m) 9 hours.

Day 46: Betrawati (605m) to Bungtang (1294m) 4 hours.

Day 47: Bungtang (1294m) to Chautara ( 1591m) 5 and half hours

The Great Himalayan Trail Manaslu and Ganesh Himal Section

Day 48: Chautara (1591m) to Arughat (490m) 8 and half hours

Day 49: Arughat (490m) to Kalikatang/ Gorkha Palace ( 1313m) 7 hours

Day 50: Kalikatang/ Gorkha palace (1313m) to Gorkha (1075m) 1 hour free day Gorkha

Day 51: Gorkha (1075m) to Apipal (1140m) 7 hours

Day 52: Appipal (1140m) to Paudi ( 520m) 6 hours

Day 53: Paudi ( 520m to Besisahar (810m) 7 hours

Day 54: Besisahar(810m) to Ghalegaon (2078m) 6 hours

Great Himalayan Trail Annapurna Section, Lower Trail

Day 55: Ghalegaon (2078m) to Pasgaon (1650m) 6 hours

Day 56: Pasgaon (1650m) to Yangjakot (1450m) 9 hours

Day 57: Yangjakot (1450m) to Sikles (1945m) 6 hours

Day 58: Sikles (1945m) to Ghalekharka (1674m) 6 hours

Day 59: Ghalekharka (1674m) to Lwang(1440m) 5 hours

Day 60: Lwang (1440m) to Ghandruk (2040m) 7 hours

Day 61: Ghandruk (2040m) to Ghorepani (2885m) 6 and half hours

Day 62: Ghorepani (2885m) – Poonhill (3210m) to Tikot (2278m) 1 and half hours + 3 hours

Day 63: Tikot (2278m) to Beni ( 850m) 4 hours

Day 64: Beni (850m) to Darbang (1100m) 6 and half hours

Day 65: Darbang (1100m) to Lamsung ( 2160m) 8 hours

Day 66: Lamsung (2160m) to Chhentung ( 2950m) crossing tha Jalja la (3386m) 8 hours

Day 67: Chhentung (2950m) to Thakur (3309 m) 9 and half hours.

Day 68: Thakur ( 3309m) to Guibang ( 2768m) 7 hours

Day 69: Guibang (2768m) to Campsite Sen Khola ( 3979m) 7 hours

Day 70: Camp site sen Khola ( 3979m) to Campsite Purpang, Saure Khola ( 4065m) 5 hours.

Day 71: Campsite Purpang, Saure Khola (4065m) to Dunai ( 2096m) crossing the Jangla ( 4519m) 10 hours.

Day 72: Dunai (2096m) to Chhekpa ( 2838m) 6 hours

Day 73: Chhekpa (2838m) to Chunuwar/ Amchi Hospital (3130m) 6 hours

Day 74: Chunuwar/ Amchi hospital ( 3130m) to Ringmo? Phoksundo lake (3608m)

Day 75: Free morning Ringmo/ Phoksundo lake (3608m) and to Chunuwar ( 3130m) 2 hours.

Day 76: Chunuwar ( 3130m) to Kageni (2228m) 6-7 hours

Day 77: Kageni (2228m) to Liku (2405) 6 hours

Day 78: Liku (2405m) to Kaigaon (2642m) crossing the Balangra Lagna pass (3822m) 8 and half hours

Great Himalayan Trail Rara, Upper Trail onward

Day 79: Kaigaon (2642m) to Chotra (3103m) crossing the Maure Lagna pass (3900m) 9 hours

Day 80: Chotra to Jumla (2350m)

Day 81: Jumla (2350m) to Naurighat (2700m) crossing Daphe Lekh (3900m) 7 hours

Day 82: Nauri ghat(2700m) to  Jhyarigaon (2672m) crossing Gurchila pass (3447m) 8 and half hours

Day 83: Jhyarigaon (2672m) to Rara lake (3200m) 2 and half hours.

Day 84: Rest and explore Raralake

Day 85: Rara lake to Gumgadhi (2095m) 4 hours.

Day 86: Gamgadhi to Bam (2700m) 5 hours

Day 87: Bam (2700m) to Jogimara (3005m) 7 hours

Day 88: Jogimara (3005m) to Piplan (1700m)

Day 89: Piplan (1700m) to Apsia lek (3195) 6 hours

Day 90: Apsia lek (3195m) to Punya Khola ( 3010m) 4 hours.

Day 91: Punya Khola (3010m) to River camp ( 2100m) 6 hours

Day 92: River camp to Simikot (2985m) 7 hours Humla section

Day 93: Simikot to Dharapuri ( 2300m) 4 hours

Day 94: Dharapuri to Kermi (2670m) 3 hours

Day 95 : Kermi ( 2670m) to Yalbang (3020m) 5 hours

Day 96: Yalbang (3020m) to Thumkot (3380m)  5 hours

Day 97: Thumkot (3380m) to Yari (3700m) 5 hours

Day 98: Yari ( 3700m) to Hilsa (3720m) crossing Nara la ( 4620m) 6 hours

Day 99-103: Trek back to Simikot

Day 104: Fly Simikot- Nepalgunj and then to Kathmandu