Mustang region, beautiful citadel on high altitude mountain desert is trans- Himalayan mountain area boasts amazing ancient cave monasteries, walled traditional villages with alluring green fields. Mustang region nestled on rain shadow of Dhaulagiri range is influenced by Tibetan culture and lifestyle ingrained to Bon religion. Mustang region trek endows chance to immerse on pristine Tibetan culture preserved by local communities.

Mustang region, restricted region opened for foreigners since 1992 to preserve its authentic and unique cultural values and sensitive border with Tibet requires special restricted area permit for Mustang region trek following the ancient salt caravan route and exploring ancient cave and monasteries carved into rugged mountain sides to unravel the walled city of Lo-manthang semi-independent kingdom ruled by local king with seducing vision of dramatic landscapes of Upper  Mustang valley.Trek to region dubbed as little Tibet due to proximity with Tibet in terms of culture, geography, climate bestows chance to unravel culturally and naturally embellished Mustang region located north of gigantic Mt. Dhaulagiri and Mt. Annapurna gasping archaeologically significant human made caves blending with culturally and religiously adorned Tibetan seeming people.

The best time of Mustang region trek is on the months of June to August following the serpentine trail and delving awesome antique buildings constructed with mud and brick with roofs of firewood assemblage and walls crafted with yak horns to exorcise the evil spirits and crossing swinging bridges hanging above thunderous gorges and draped by fluttering flags.


  •  Indulge on preserved beauty of ancient Kingdom Lo Manthang.
  •  Enjoy arid landscapes wandering on rain shadow region along exploring enigmatic caves.
  •  Ecstatic beauty of crafted canyons, traditional Tibetan style villages, crumbling fortresses of
    Upper Mustang.
  • Venture on old salt caravan route to Tibet.
  •  Immerse on antique and unique Tibetan Buddhism Festival Tiji.