Mountain Flight


Who wouldn’t want to see the peak of the world right in front of you up close? If you are in Nepal and still do not trek and enjoy the majestic mountains and nature, then this just might be the right path for you. Nepal Offers the easiest ways to see the mighty Himalayas and give glimpses of its beauty through mountain flights. 

Mountain flights operate regularly. Buddha air, Yeti air, Simrik air and Agni air are currently in service. You will be given a window seat to enjoy the close views of the scenic mountains. You will be able to see many other mountains like Shisha panga, dorje Lakhpa, Gauri Shankar, and cho oyu along with the top of the world, Mt. Everest. 

The flight will be one hour long. You can also take pictures from the cockpit with permission. The flight operates only from Kathmandu (Tribhuvan International Airport). Mostly the flights are scheduled early in the morning to take advantage of the good weather. 

The cost of the mountain flights varies tentatively around 200 USD dollars, and is worth every penny. The experience will leave you awe-inspired to travel and explore more of what Nepal has in store for you.

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