Marriage Programme


According to Hindu religion, the most pious and pure bonding that attaches two souls for lifetime experience is marriage. The Everest Holiday offers special organized wedding programmes for foreign lovebirds or couples to experience Nepalese wedding on natural dreamland Nepal in traditional Hindu culture and Buddhist culture.
According to Hindu culture, wedding ceremonies includes numerous traditional, colorful rituals and hours long ritual procedure centered on worshipping position of planets, stars and heavenly bodies. The wedding ritual is performed on holy site Pashupatinath. The bride is dressed on beautifully decorated red attire and several jewelries while groom wears traditional Nepali dress: daura, suruwal, coat and dhakatopi.

Whereas for Buddhism, wedding taken as social agreement rather than religious event that is held on monasteries where Lama performs all ritual functions. Wedding ceremony instigates by reciting prayers and ends with blessings offered to couples by Lama and relatives. The wedding ceremony would be organized on Swoyambhunath, Kapan monastery and Bouddhanath monastery.

The wedding programme includes party for friends and relatives with three nights stay on three-star hotel and overnight stay at Nagarkot hotel peeping virgin beauty of snow clad mountains as honeymoon.

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