Internship programme and volunteering in Nepal

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Description of Venue:

Tamang Kharka higher secondary school located in Dhading district which is also tourist hub gasping fresh trail ruby valley on the north of Ganesh Himal that meets Manaslu region with amazing Tsum valley going ahead to the west.
Manaslu region, Ganesh Himal, and Dhading district lies on the northern hilly region. It is also mountainous region embracing stunning views of mountains along rich culture, religion, culturally diverse races and antique archives.
The Tamang Kharka school is approximately 100 kilometers distant from Kathmandu that can be accessed easily within a day on eight hours’ safe drive. You can have amazing travel with locals who easily accept you as a strange visitor with cool friendship.
The school named after Tamang where Tamang is Mongolian race who has originally settled there from many centuries ago. Northern Territory of Ganesh Himal is densely populated by this community.
These Tamang people are highly praised for their overwhelming hospitality, loyal nature and behavior and these people follow the occupation of creating material from bamboo knitting which they have inherited from their forefathers. Amazingly it still exists on this territory. On the other side, these people grow potatoes, buckwheat and bring edible bamboo(tusa) from a forest and furnish it to their guests as native dishes.
We have high respect and admiration for their culture, fabrics, ornaments and their noble festivals which they exhibit on a periphery of school for our guests while dancing singing on the melodious and local song.
The Tamang Kharka school is genuinely praised place because of its presentation of several diverse cultural programme time and again.
As our client interest and for internship programme we have initiated following topic included internship programme choosing this school as the venue.
Programme Name: Human rights Internship programme at School.
Working hours: Maximum of 5 hours including break time 45 minutes.
Working hours in a week: 5 days from Sunday to Thursday
School activities interns can join:
a. football
b. volleyball
c. chess
d. caram board
e. badminton
f.  musical chair
g. learn to play local musical instrument
h. singing and dancing classes
Note: He/ She can also conduct cultural programme involving students.
2. Interns can have survey with following as he/ she requires:
a. School teachers
b. School management committee
c. Locals
d. Peer observation with students according to class.
3. Report making: Report making, amendment of reports has to be done on Friday and should be presented on Sunday class whereas Saturday is public holiday.
4. Human rights issues: On context of Nepal, frequently violation of human rights of children are as follows: of
Violation of human rights at Family:
Discrimination on the basis of Gender: Female child has to help her mother for household works whereas male child is allowed to play after school. It is still privileged on our society.
Discrimination on work on the basis payment
Economic condition and Child labor: Due to low income and poverty children are compelled to do labor for their livelihoods that has prevented them from education.
Low income: Despite their low income parents have send their children to school. But, due to feeling of inadequate learning materials, dresses children feel shy to involve in programme and activities. These kind of motives has deprived children from their rights.
Children suffering from family conflict: Due to engagement of family members either father or mother on frequent alcohol consuming and the conflict created by this along no education background has hindered further schooling of children.
Low financial status: Low financial status children go for work on holidays to support their family which would benefit them some amount of money as personal use. Then he/ she finds it to spend on other basic activities but this environment/ activities has encouraged children to go for work instead of going to school. Which has become present problem on rural area depriving them from their own educational rights.

Violations of human rights at school
i.Excessive homework
ii. Use of physical punishments
iii. Lack of recreational activities, deprived them from entertainment rights
iv. Praising good and laborious students and not motivating weak students, that has created great education segregation.
v. Even though no playing materials for children, can be involved in group activities and but there have not been such group activities that has prevented them from rights of coeducation.

Violation of human rights by locals
i. Family income of local community is low but government is supportive for children education and to send all children to school. Government has opened           ii. community school and it has been able to aware children family to send children to schools. But there is lack of knowledge that education is human right of children.
iii. Children are encouraged to involve in local political programme bunking school classes and organizing politically motivated programmes overwhelms them from not choosing education.

5.Class Methods:
i.    First week: Introduction and group making
ii.   Second week: Curriculum, schedule given by school, periods taken, classes to teach
iii. Third week:
Introduction of child right and human right, student education right
Role of recreational activities for their growth
iv.   Fourth Week: Final survey
Methods of survey
Questionnaire, group discussion, from previous reports, observation, conducting an hour programme, inquiring with locals
Group types:
teachers, school management committee, locals, students
6. Final Day:
Report presentation to school, certification and farewell programme
Gratitude class from our staff
Learn basic Nepali common phrases from our staff
Idea on some cultural rule while eating, dresses, sitting and some prohibited words according to our culture.
Accommodation: Interns will be provided facility to stay at Nepalese Home Stay enjoying quality time with host families. You will be served all farm products as food produced at the farms of Home Stay by host families. So, food is organic on present scenario where local markets and restaurants also sell foods grown using chemical fertilizers. Organic food is cooked emphasizing on hygiene in terms of water and cooking method. Interns also get facilities of hot water, squat toilets, electricity and television. On context of internet government has not developed WIFI internet on rural areas but you can surf net using data pack afforded by Nepalese simcard like NCELL, Ntc.


Things you shouldn’t forget
 1. All your mandatory documents
 2. Your passports with visa
 3. Flight tickets.                                                                                                                                                                                                       4. Insurance documents
 5. Passport size photos 4 copies

Price Marked:
Group size            Cost per person            Season
1                          $ 1350                         All
2-6                       $ 1250                         All
7-12                     $ 1150                         All
13-18                   $ 1050                         All

The Cost Includes:

Cost Included
1. Transportation to programme venue and programme activities
2. Pick up
3. Two meals a day until programme that is homestay managed breakfast and dinner
4. Accommodation for programme period
5. Free Visa service
6. Cost of stay at Kathmandu and location of internship from day of arrival to departure
7. Food and beverage on welcome and farewell at homestay
8. Free planned itinerary for other activities except internship
9. Free culture show

The Cost Excludes:

Cost Excluded
1. Airport drop
2. Visa charge fee for Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan and India
3. Other activities afforded by us more than internship as per interns’ interest.
4. Other services afforded by us as per interns need and interest’ on internship programme.
5. Other beverages
6. Medical Expenses
7. $50 administration fee that covers all programmes of package