Sun shines brightly peeking through the glittery silver peaks, and cast its golden spell over the green leaves spread vast till the horizon. Pretty women adorned in cute colorful clothes make their way through this thick plantation, picking tea leaves and filling the woven baskets they carry on their backs. This stoking sight that fills the terraced slopes of Ilam has inspired many artists, and found a place in many hit Nepali songs.

Located In the hilly region of eastern Nepal, Ilam is famous for its tea plantations, magnificent mountain views, and also its merry inhabitants. Like most other places of Nepal, Ilam shows a variation in culture, and is Inhabited by Limbu, Rai, Yakkha, Lepcha, Newar and many more. The rich and fresh tea produce is exported to many parts of the country and outside, and is loved by all. Agriculture being the major source of economy, it is a trading hub, and also produces bamboos, silks and flowers. With the eager tourists that have been visiting this beautiful place increasingly, an airport and a bus park is under construction in the place, to make the experience more comfortable. The view point in Panitaki, is frequently visited by the tourists, as it provides a stunning view of Ilam, with hills, gardens, Ilam Bazar, and also a part of Jhapa if the sky is clear enough. There are several hotels and lodges in Ilam, all ranged at a modest price and providing great comfort.

Seated underneath the lush hills, many visitors have described their stay in Ilam as one of their best experiences, with a promise to be back again. Truly indeed, it is a place of great natural beauty that makes people want to revisit over and over again.


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