4 Days pashupatinath-temple

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Destination Kathmandu-Lalitpur-Bhaktapur, Nepal
Highest altitude Approximately 2551 meters Chandragiri Hills
Lowest Altitude Approximately 1310 meters Kathmandu
Total Days 4 Days
Difficulty Easy and Interesting
Start-End Kathmandu- Kathmandu
Activity Four days Tour
Best Season All season throughout the year

The Everest Holiday four-day tour package is awe-inspiring moment to blend on Nepalese age old traditions, religions, festivals, culture and grab historical, archeological knowledge of several UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites with picturesque image of amazing mountain landscape.

The tour begins with exploring Swoyambhunath, serene Buddhist shrine, to Chandragiri through cable car to experience majestic beauty of snowcapped mountains with beautiful landscapes of Kathmandu valley.

 With short recess for lunch break, trip moves ahead to admire the beauty of Kathmandu Durbar Square, historical site in connection with Ason market for magnificent sights and intoxicating religious insights along the bustling streets.

Next day, indulge   yourself for purity, sanctity and spiritual energy with visit on Hindu pious place Pasupatinath and sacred Buddhist shrine, Boudhanath. With short break for lunch, move ahead to another attractive cultural site Patan Durbar Square, for Newari culture, cuisine, fashion, tradition and architecture flavor.

Purify your eyes with the glimpse of medieval culture, art, architecture with artistic beauty of temple, visiting Bhaktapur durbar square and Changunarayan temple. Then stay at nagarkot at night to view the dazzling beauty of sunrise at the morning.

Thrill on the beauty of heart touching and enchanting vision of snowcapped mountains with meditation and religious energy visiting Namo Buddha and Sanga.


Itinerary Overview


Day One: Arrive in Kathmandu and transfer to hotel.

Day Two:

  •  Our guide meets you at hotel and well managed tour starts from hotel at 8:00 am to Swoyambhunath after breakfast
  •  It consumes half hour to reach the destination Swoyambhu known as monkey temple and spend forty-five minutes on serene Buddhist shrine for awe-inspiring moment, then ascend Chandragiri Hill and spend one-hour for vision of panoramic beauty of snow-covered mountains.
  • We descend from Chandragiri and move to Kathmandu Durbar Square on one-hour drive and have lunch at hotel of durbar square for thirty minutes and wander on entangled streets of Ason market for flavor of local and homemade foodstuffs and spices.

Day Three:

  • We drive to Pashupati, dedicated to Shiva, after breakfast at hotel and spend two hours redefining architectural, religious beauty of pristine place.
  • Then, trip moves to eastwards on fifteen minutes’ drive to pious site Boudhanath and have lunch at the hotel staying for two hours.
  • Our guide directs you to Patan Durbar Square with one-hour drive, renowned world heritage site, center of Hindu and Buddhist culture.

Day four:

  • Third day trip moves from hotel on one-hour drive to Bhaktapur Durbar Square, gem of medieval culture, art, architecture and lead to Changunarayan spending one and half hours at durbar square and consume maximum two hours to indulge on Changunarayan beauty.
  • Then trip directs to Nagarkot along deep forest and we drop you to Nagarkot hotel for overnight stay.

Day Five:

With astounding vision of sunrise in the morning, at Nagarkot, return back to Sanga on thirty minutes’ drive and following same route, you reach Namobuddha in an hour for vision of snow covered mountains. We drop you at hotel for overnight stay.          

Day Six: We drive you at the airport according to your prepared flight.



Note: We customize itinerary as per your interest to manage your specific requirements. 


                                                  Trip Highlights

  • Well managed guided tour of Kathmandu, Patan and Bhaktapur city
  • Enjoy scenic beauty of Manaslu, Ganesh Himal, Langtang, Gaurishankar and Everest range from Chandragiri hill
  • Explore the mystic beauty of world heritage sites with religious insights
  • Admire traditional pastoral lifestyle of local inhabitants with flavor of local sweet curd Juju Dhau
  • Indulge on beauty of 8 mountains and sunrise from Nagarkot view tower
  • Meditation is facilitated on Sanga and Namo Buddha Monastery
  • Kumari ghar is residence place of living goddess kumari
  •  Vision of Huge stone statues of Kal Bhairav, ferocious form of lord Shiva.
  • Charming Jagannath temple with erotic carvings are perfectly seen.
  • Pasupatinath temple of lord Shiva, most pious Hindu shrine in the world.
  • Renowned Swoyambhunath was visited by great Indian emperor Ashoka 2000 years ago.
  • The famous city Kathmandu is named as city of temples, which inherits more than 130 monuments.
  • Ason center was trade between Nepal and Tibet during medieval period.
  • Famous Pasupatinath temple constructed on 1696, thereafter renovated several periods and occasion.
  • Enormous brass statue of Nandi, vehicle of lord Shiva is erected at the gate of temple.
  • Sacred cremation ghat on the bank of holy Bagmati river.
  • Where funeral process of Nepalese tradition can be seen each day and the body is thus ceased on fire by wood.
  • Enchanting vision of lights and more than hundred thousand devotee’s presence on shivaratri festival for day and night, which you should not miss if you have come here by the way on April.
  • Stunning display of Newari architecture sculpture constructed particularly on mid of 16th century
  • Trade demonstrating superior handicraft, local pottery and local musical instruments.
  • Royal place of 15th century converted to museum that showcases world class gallery of Newari stone and wood sculpture and architecture.
  • Visual carvings in scripted of pillar of Krishna mandir or temple can be seen, first floor carving story is related Mahabharata, second floor carving are sourced to Ramayana.
  • Main shrine of first floor belongs to lord Krishna, Radha and Rukmini. Whereas shrines of lord Shiva are in second and on the third, shrines of Buddha are kept.
  • The Krishna temple was built on the spot where lord Krishna and Radha came to seen standing on his nightmare and with reverence on lord Krishna and Radha, temple with 21 metal pinnacle was built on the front of durbar.
  • Bhimsen temple, dedicated to Bhimsen, the great warrior of Mahabharata, built in 1680.
  • Renowned five story taleju bhawani temple with triple roofs.
  • Many devotees of Krishna flock to Krishna mandir to celebrate birthday of lord Krishna on Krishna janma asthami
  • Incredulous view of durbar square with many temples, religious square and royal place holding 55 artistic windows.
  • Big bell on durbar square venue used for calling assembly or any insurgency during medieval period.
  • Stone or metal pillar on palace with metal statue of royal king attached on it.
  • Numerous statues and idols are in scripted decoratively on stone art in front of durbar square and religious temple.
  • Important historical evidence can be found that are in scripted on stone bulks.
  • Picture of Nepali artistic decoratively carving pure and original thanka art with melodious tone of artistic tool can be seen and thanka art is exported all over the world.
  •  Bhakatpur was the only city for many centuries before 15th century, and annexed by prithivinarayan shah in 1826.
  • Nagorkot, 25 miles east of Kathmandu city at the altitude of 2,175 meters
  • Nagorkot, from where Manjushree Bodhi satto observed lake in the Kathmandu valley.
  • Splendid scene of mountains with 360-degree view through nagorkot view tower.
  • Three star hotels are available on averaging cost of 4512 NRs.
  •  Resides at top of dolagiri hill.
  • Hari data Burma established chagunarayan for solace of gwala and Brahmin who unknowingly beheaded lord Vishnu who was hide on tree on the form of boy as he was cursed.
  • Whereas there are four entrance gate, each entrance gate is stand with real size statues of lions, sharbhas, graffins and elephants pair.
  • Temple courtyard embraces temple of Krishna, lord Shiva, astamatrika, chhinnamasta, kileshwor.
  • World’s tallest Shiva statue with 144 feet or meters height.
  • Inaugurated on 2011 June taking seven years to complete the project.
  • Around five thousands visitors visit this place on the week.
  • Renowned place to celebrate shivaratri festival after Pasupatinath, if you are on way there.
  • Statue made of copper, cement, zinc and steel
  • Holy Buddhist site at the elevation of 2565 meters. Forty kilometers southwest of Kathmandu city
  • Bewitching scene of mountains and kavre city
  • Small glittering with gold statues of Buddha’s incarnation and many Buddha forms are attractively
  • Kept on hall.

Day One:

You will be warmly welcomed by our representative at airport and driven to hotel on private vehicle.

Day Two:

  • Our guide meets you at the hotel at 8 am and could gain pre-information on tour. Then we will leave the hotel after breakfast.
  • Our tour begins from hotel on private vehicle and moves to Swoyambhunath on fifteen minutes’ drive and spend forty-five minutes on Swoyambhunath, top of hill.
    Swoyambhunath, UNESCO’S World Heritage Site, holy shrine of Buddhist religions is also known as monkey temple gives lustrous sensational experience of ancient, decorated carvings. The oldest Buddhist temple, resides on the top of the hill, west of Kathmandu, accessed by ascending the 365 ancient stone steps along the forest. Swoyambhunath means self-created, outside temple established by great grandfather of King Mandev on 5 centuries and major renovation take place on 2010 is glorified with the presence of The Stupa, Harati temple, Shantipur (palace of peace)..
  • Our guide drives you to Chandragiri that takes forty-five minutes, if there is not traffic jam and ascend to top of Chandragiri hill through cable car and spend maximum one-hour for bewitching beauty of snow-capped mountains.
    Chandragiri trip is incomparable day hiking around Kathmandu valley. Chandragiri trip is situated to South as Evergreen hill from where you can perceive the real beauty of nature by observing the scenic beauty of Manaslu, Ganesh Himal, Langtang, Gaurishankar and Everest range. It is the best place to view beautiful and complete landscape of Kathmandu valley that gives sublime feeling.
    Due to the 2475 meters’ height from sea level, the temperature of this locality is a bit. It consumes seven hours in hiking to reach the hill through the dense forest, along the several thousand stone steps.
    Chandragiri hill is rich not only in its natural beauty but also in medicinal herbs as 135 herbs are specified here. It is noticeable place to see the various species of birds such as Grey Wagtail, Steppe Eagle, King Fisher etc.
    Prominent feature of Chandragiri hill is well facilitated resort for visitors to stay that is embellished with various natural beauty of nature, from where visitors can see heart touching beauty of snowcapped mountains from the windows of resort room.
  • We return back from Chandragiri via same route on one-hour drive to enjoy one and half hours on majestic sight of temples, statues and palaces of Kathmandu Durbar Square with lunch on hotel of durbar square.
    Kathmandu Durbar Square named as Basantpur, hub of culture, tradition, religion is a historical site that encompasses palaces and courtyards of old Malla and Shah Kings dates back from 14 to 15 centuries onwards. Recognized as World Heritage Site by UNESCO, Durbar square myriad of cultural, historical, religious valuable statues, temples, is formed by three loosely linked squares: south Basantpur, main durbar square and northeast Hanuman Dhoka, museums and temples. The main focal point of this site is Kal Bhairav statue, Hanuman Dhoka palace and museum, Jaisi Dewal etc.
  • Then move to Ason market, old traditional market, center for Nepal and Tibet trade during ancient period.
    Ason is heart of old Kathmandu, historical location in the city famed not only for extremely large variety of shopping that covers foodstuffs, spices to electronics, but also traditional and cultural Newari lifestyle. Ason is fascinating spot to wander for tourists for sensational sights in connection with religious intoxication by observing Annapurna temple, Ganesh shrine, Narayan shrine
  • We drop you at hotel at 5 pm.

Day Three:

  • We drive to Pashupatinath temple after breakfast that takes maximum one hour and spend two hours redefining architectural, religious beauty of pristine place.
    Pashupatinath famous World Heritage site is center of purity, sanctity and Hindu spiritual energy. Pashupatinath dedicated to Shiva is golden colored two storey pagoda temple along with silver plated doors and wood carving, is on the bank of Bagmati river. Though the temple was built in 5 centuries, but renovated by art enthusiasts during various period. On the month of April, Pashupati has the special festival of Shivaratri, millions of devotees and naked saints flock to Pashupati from subcontinent for prayer, worship as well as to purify their souls. This place is also taken as smoker’s heaven.
  • Then trip moves to eastwards on fifteen minutes’ drive to Boudhanath, largest stupa in Nepal and spend two hours having lunch at the hotel on solemn environment.
    Boudhanath, Lord of wisdom, sacred Tibetan Buddhist shrine outside Tibet is on 8 kilometers eastern part of Kathmandu city. The largest stupa in Nepal, built on 14 centuries is hub for meditation and pilgrimage for Buddhists. Visit to UNESCO’s World Heritage site of terrific size and unique form that has base on myths and legends along with vision of maroon clad Tibetan Buddhist monks and nuns walking around Bouddhanath makes eye pleasing, breath taking and awe inspiring. It is nicknamed as little Tibet in Kathmandu as it has the highest residents of Tibetan refugees.
  • Our guide directs you to Patan Durbar Square with one-hour drive and spend maximum one hour with vision of royal palace of 15 century converted to museum that showcases world class gallery of Newari stone and wood sculpture and architecture.
    Patan Durbar Square categorized as cultural site on UNESCO’s World Heritage site is center of Hindu and Buddhist culture. The place mélange of Newari culture, tradition, architecture is oldest of all three cities of Kathmandu valley is embellished with wooden carved statues and bronze statues. It is the oldest Buddhist city famous for 4 stupas built by great emperor Ashoka. The residence of Patan royal family in medieval period is also renowned for 21 pinnacles Krishna mandir built on 17 centuries.

Day Four:

  • Third day trip moves from hotel on one-hour drive to Bhaktapur Durbar Square and spend one half hours exploring many temples, statues that has historical significance.
  • Bhaktapur Durbar Square, gem of Nepal’s culture, art, tradition well-known as museum of medieval art and architecture, is located in Bhaktapur (city of devotees), 15 km distance from Kathmandu city. Durbar square famous for mingling of Pagoda and Shikhar style temples is in World Heritage site of UNESCO. The place recognized for golden gate; entrance to 55 windows palace, taleju temple and Nyatpole temple; highest brick temple, along with Juju dhau (sweet curd) is untouched by modern city lifestyles. It is also famous for wooden carved handicrafts.
  • Then trip directs to Changunarayan on twenty minutes’ drive and spend one and half hours to quench thirst of knowledge on Nepalese art, culture, and tradition along taste of Juju dhau (king of yogurts).
    Changunarayan: Tour to renowned historical place Changu Narayan temple would be complete cheerful and memorable day trip for visitors to quench their thirst of gaining knowledge on art, culture and tradition by visiting Changu Narayan temple of archaeological value that dates back from the 4 century A.D.
    The day trip only consumes 6 hours to reach the venue that is listed in UNESCO World Heritage. Though, Changu Narayan is close to Kathmandu city, but it is untouched by city modern lifestyles and demonstrates the rationality of traditional pastoral lifestyle of local inhabitants. The focal point of temple is image of Lord Bishnu with ten heads and arms.
    The day hike will purify the eyes of visitors with the glimpse of artistic beauty of temple along with the flavor of traditional Newari culture.
    Changu Narayan, Nagarkot and Sanga all these tourists site resides in Bhaktapur, so, it is possible to have a day hike in sites along Bhaktapur city sight seen.
  • Then trip directs to Nagarkot along deep forest and drop you at Nagarkot hotel for overnight stay.
    Nagarkot day trip would be the most memorable and remarkable day trip to the person who wants to enjoy the real and virgin beauty of nature far from monotonous and chaotic life of Kathmandu valley. Though Nagarkot is located in 30 kilometer northeast of Kathmandu valley at the height of 2175 meter from sea level, it only consumes 6 hours for day trip to reach the destination to perceive the scenic beauty of snow-capped mountains such as Annapurna, Gauri Shankar, Langtang and Ganesh Himal.
    The trip moves ahead by taking glimpse of the beautiful fields where farmers glean rice, paddies and potatoes. On the trip, your heart begins to palpitate with the vision of beautiful green meadows along the deep forest. At the final destination of the trip, glance on the beautiful snow-capped mountains and green scenario through the tower makes your day trip most romantic and noticeable and you feel as if you are in heaven.

Day Five:

  • With dazzling vision of sunrise in the morning at Nagarkot, trip returns to Sanga on thirty minutes’ drive and spend two hours at Sanga.

The Sanga tallest Shiva statue in Asia is famous tourist’s sights twenty kilometer away from Kathmandu. The statue of Shiva is on the top of Sanga Bhanjayang, border of Bhaktapur and Kavrepalanchowk districts. the excursion to Sanga is fruitful to tourists, to enjoy spa, yoga, meditation, steam and sauna both facilities with spiritual energy.

  • Then following same highway you reach to Namobuddha in an hour drive for overnight stay to envision snow covered mountains.

Namo Buddha: The awesome and adventurous three-hour tour of Namo Buddha palace is memorable moment of gaining glimpse of beautiful and heart touching picturesque of snow-capped mountains such as Gauri Shankar, Langtang, Dorje Lhakpa and Everest, that gives sensation of playing in the lap of nature.
The enchanting picture of sunrise at the morning and thrilling vision of Kavre city from the top of the hill makes the trip pleasurable. The visitors have the facility of overnight stay along with meditation, if, bookings are made earlier.
Namo Buddha; serene and holy site famous for Buddha offering his body to hungry tigress to feed her cubs is settled in the mid of Tamang village, at the top hill. Visitors can also gain religious insight in the visit of Namo Buddha palace renowned for statues of many Buddha incarnations

Day six:

We drive you to airport on the basis of your flight.


We could customize our itineraries as per your interest to adjust your specific requirements.

The Cost Includes:

  • Airport and hotel pick up and drop up by tourist vehicle
  • Transportation by air conditioned private tourist vehicle
  • English speaking tour guide /hostess
  • All permits and entrance fee along with government tax and office expenses
  • Special Nepalese dinner and cultural show at Nepalese restaurant or homestay
  • City map

The Cost Excludes:

  • Alcoholic and cold drinks
  • Items of personal nature
  • Tips for guide and driver (tipping is expected)

Accommodation: You would be provided facility to stay at cozy Nepalese homestay Nagarjun homestay enjoying time with host families. You would be offered facilities of hot water, western toilets, electricity television, free WIFI and free mountain bike to use for travel around Kathmandu.

Meal: You would be offered breakfast, Nepali dinner on friendly environment blending with host families on homestay. You would be served organic food cooked emphasizing on hygiene in terms of water and cooking method.