Everest Region

Standing tall at a whopping height of 8848 meters, the tallest mountain in the world Everest is a matter of great pride to the Nepalese. It is named after British surveyor George Everest and is widely recognized as Everest. Indeed though, this giant has been given many names in different parts of the world and goes by, "Sagarmatha (Sagar: Sky; matha: Forehead)" to its home, Nepal. It is located in the Khumbu region of Nepal, over the Mahalangur range and borders between Nepal and China. 

First conquered by Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay in 1953, as glorious as reaching the summit is, it is a task of great perils and risks. Among its extravagant snowscapes, Everest cloaks treacherous weather conditions, avalanches, and numerous other hazards. Many valiant climbers, like Scott Fishers, have given their lives to what is known as one of the greatest adventures of mankind. With developing technology and techniques, summiting the Everest is definitely easier than what it used to be, but still remains a task for those with great courage.

Having said that, there is no need to shrink your heart as seeing the Everest itself has been listed by BBC as one of the "Top 20 things to see before you die." Truly indeed, Khumbu region boasts of a stunning natural demeanor that is rarely seen. With stunning mountainscapes, green lands, dense forests, exotic flora and fauna, speedy rivers, and giant waterfalls, a trek in the Everest region is much rewarding than asked for. Although majorly inhabited by Sherpas, Khumbu region also boasts of a wide cultural diversity which welcomes you in a grand and friendly manner to the heart of Everest. Not much to surprise, it is greeted by hundreds of trekkers every year. 

The Everest Holiday offers a variety of treks to explore Everest region all the way up to Everest base camp coursing through its natural beauty, while also covering its culturally vibrant aspects.So, come with us, as we take you into the heart of Himalayas, giving you memories and experiences that are bound to last a lifetime!


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