Dolpo isolated region located on western part of Nepal, culturally Tibetan region enveloped by massif mountains renowned for unique topography as well as centuries old cultural heritage.Dolpo region sandwiched between Tibetan plateau and Dhaulagiri ranges opened for trekkers since 1988 is secluded region marveled by dramatic valleys and deep gorges crafted with numerous rivers, cascading waterfalls and streams. Dolpo region flanked on trans-Himalayan zone is shrouded by rugged landscapes, gorgeous mountain peaks, alluring rice terraces.

Dolpo region trek endows chance to confront diverse species including Tibetan hare, blue sheep, musk deer, ghoral, black bear, Himalayan Thar, snow leopard and many more experience Bon religion that practice shamanism that dates back to twelfth century. The region inhabited by nomadic Dolpo who feed dead body of their kith and kin to wild vultures as culture and Bon people who follow Bon religion, gem of rare and medicinal herbs like Yarshagumba, jatamasi, panchaunle, chimailo with rare wild animals and diverse species.

Dolpo rgion is combination of Upper dolpo; enclave of pristine Tibetan culture and Lower Dolpo nestled on Shey Phoksundo national park. Trek to Upper Dolpo; mountainous region shrouded with graceful fortified villages, turquoise lakes and grandeur peaks, could be done combining with Lower Dolpo that embraces Shey Phoksundo lake sparkling with reflection of snowy peaks and sunlight, which begins from Juphal after flight from Nepalgunj.The highlight of this region is turquoise water Shey Phoksundo lake, Shey Phoksundo national park, Shey Gumba and many more.


  •  Confront diverse species on Dolpo region trek.
  • Explore the culture, tradition of nomadic Dolpo experiencing Bon religion.
  • Enjoy amazing beauty of turquoise Phoksundo lake.
  • Delve pristine Tibetan culture and Buddhist religion.
  •  Arid Tibet like trans Himalaya terrain.