The great Himalayan trail

It is not only the longest but also the highest trekking trail in the world. It gives one the chance to wander through the base of the highest mountains, navigating through sun tropical jungles, as well as high altitude alpine ecosystems.

The great Himalayan trail begins in the shadows of Kanchenjunga base camp and drapes most part of Nepal from East to West and concludes in the western region of the country, passing Nepal’s all eight 8,000 plus meter peaks.As you travel through the trail, it unfurls amazing glimpses of the fourteen highest peaks in the world. Majestic visions of blue sky playing hide and seek with cotton clouds along sensational cultural experiences, as well as firsthand experience of the hilly people lifestyle.

Doing the entire trail would take you 104 days to complete. That is why it is subdivided into a multitude of smaller trek packages adapted to all types of traveler. From short four day treks to the famous Annapurna trek which takes twenty-three days, or the Everest base camp trek which takes sixteen days. No matter which trail you choose, you will encounter many cultures, the nomadic lifestyles of the Lhomis and Shamans, religions like Hindu, Buddhism and Sherpa.

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