Travel in Thamel Kathmandu Nepal

Thamel earned attraction as a center of tourism since 1960 hippie era appealing many travelers, artists’ expats, wanderers to immerse in its vibrant culture. Thamel hosts a plethora of international and western styled clubs, hotels, entertainment centers serving thousands of guests every day with varieties of taste and flavors along with diverse activities of entertain from massage, dances, disco, nightlife and many more.

Thamel hub for backpackers and foreigners is distinguished with many narrow alleys dotted with adorned houses with crafted wooden windows conferring moment to explore this alleys filled with shops, cafes that furnishes crafts, trekking gears along enjoying environment with fellow expats , trekkers who are in rush to buy important stuffs before engaging on Nepalese trips or who are enjoying their Nepalese trip with toast and beer along sharing adventure story along dancing after finishing long trekking on mountainous region of Nepal.
Thamel has also gained popularity for its nightlife. During night Thamel enlivens with twinkling lights, paper lanterns, musical live shows as well as the musical sound coming from dance bars generating vibrancy to rekindle the ecstasy to make night environment of Thamel euphoric and heart throbbing. You will find tiny clubs on all streets, hotels and guest houses with musical shows for guests during night time. So Thamel is the main heartbeat of Nepalese tourism encompassing many spots with several activities to make Nepal trip of foreigners once lifetime moment.
Thamel major tourist sanctuary for four decades alluring guests of all corners of the world with its charm has been turned into commercial hub showcasing varieties of assets especially for tourists as well as it is also an alternative way to go to UNESCO’s world heritage site Kathmandu durbar square. But Thamel narrow streets of Thamel has been overcrowded due to vehicles and running bikes that has caused haphazard for tourists and pedestrians and slowly Thamel magical place has been losing its value and charm due to chaos. Recognizing the importance of Thamel on Nepalese tourism industry and not to reduce its charm and aura Thamel has been announced as free vehicle zone from joint efforts of tourism entrepreneurs, local activists, and Kathmandu metropolitan traffic police division. This initiative has relieved tourists and pedestrians from chaos and annoyance caused by increasing traffic in the area as well as controlled sound pollution and made narrow streets of Thamel easier for tourist to wander shifting from one shop to another for shopping along making this famed destination peaceful and livable place.

These are the activities you could to do on Thamel enjoying the rejuvenating atmosphere of Thamel
Shopping: Make your Nepalese trip memorable bringing home souvenirs for your family and guests visiting the shop stalls of Thamel that showcases multiple kinds of stuff including handicrafts, singing bowls, pashmina shawls, paintings, statues, jewelry but highly recommended to haggle hard to get souvenirs on fair price from Thamel.
Enjoy food: Thamel is also renowned as backpacker’s haven boasting several restaurants furnishing food items of diverse taste and flavors from western foods, Asian, Indian foods to local foods to make tourists feel like home during Thamel stay. So you could enjoy multiple items of food in restaurants of Thamel but highly recommended to taste local food.
Take workshops: Make Nepal trip memorable taking workshops and classes on Nepalese food cooking, wood carving, learning Buddhist paintings.
Enjoy the massage from trained and professional to soothe your pain of trekking on spa, massage center of Thamel to make Nepal trip once a lifetime event.

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