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Adventure in the Himalayas in Nepal:

At first when you hear Nepal then you mislead it with Naples of Italy then another person informs you that it is the name of the country then you would search on google map then you would find the tiny image of this country only popular for world highest peak Mount Everest.

Though Nepal is the geographically tiny country on the world map but richest countries in the world in terms of biodiversity garnering cultural diversity also due to geographical position and altitude variation. Most of the areas of Nepal are located on mountainous region thus offering the enormous chance for nature-based tourism as well as rural and rustic countryside setting and scenario also endow strong base for tourism set by cultural richness embroidered with natural beauties along with wide array opportunities for adventure tourism.

Nepal caters fine blend of art, culture, and tradition along natural wonders that has appealed numerous art and nature lovers, travelers, wanderers around the world to visit famed Himalayan country haven for 8 more than 8000 meters’ snowy peaks. Numerous travelers across the world fulfill their dream of seeing the glimpse of world highest peak Mount Everest navigating the undulating trail on popular Everest base camp trek and those travelers with less time and not much energy and gut for trek engage themselves on Mountain flight tour and Heli tour to perceive the captivating beauty of Everest. Another popular region of Nepal for trekking Annapurna region welcomes thousands of traffic of tourists each and every year with its eye-catching scenery adorned with cultural legacy and diversity followed by local people renowned for overwhelming hospitality.  

Nepal mecca for religious travelers as the birthplace of Lord Buddha pioneer of Buddhism and renowned destination where tourists could feel tranquility and serenity visiting the Lumbini birthplace of Buddha on Buddhist pilgrimage tour praising the artistic beauty of stupas, monasteries, and temples. Nepal is also the paradise for bird watching as the country is the sanctuary for 879 species of birds as well as the experimental destination for adventurer and professional rafters where professional rafters could experience 4 to 5 plus rapids involving on rafting on world-class rivers SunKoshi and Karnali according to National Geographic.


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