Top eight highest mountain of the world

Nepal; odyssey for adventure traveler boasts 8 world highest peaks that has altitude above 8000 meters from sea-level. Peaks on land of Himalayas has been subject of curiosity but nobody dared to drea

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Yarchagumba: medicinal herb

Yarchagumba; summer plant and winter insect is regarded as gold rush due to its increasing popularity for undefinable importance from couple of years. The rare herb grown in the pastures of mountainou

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rafting-in nepal

Sun Koshi river Rafting

The world seventh popular white water rafting Sunkoshi river rafting is loaded with 4-5 rapids with numerous treacherous sections and wildly challenging routes. Popular white water rafting that meand

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Ethical Tourism

  Ethical tourism propels to maximize the benefits of tourism reducing the negative impacts that befall from tourism. It highlights on positive aspects of tourism always encouraging to give spec

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Kaligandaki Gorge

  The world deepest gorge named as Kali gandaki gorge or Andha Galchi demarcates two world top ten mountain range Dhaulagiri and Annapurna furnishing eye catching natural treasures. World deepe

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Karnali River Rafting

Karnali river hotspot for experienced and professional rafters to experience thrashing waves of tremendous Karnali river that descends down from Tibetan side of Himalayas giving rafters sensation of p

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Arun Valley

Arun valley, world deepest valley located between Sagarmatha and Makalu Barun national parks at elevation of four hundred fifty-seven meters’ marvels on natural beauty of snowy mountains, rich f

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countryside with Himalayas in Nepal

Ghale Gaun

Breeding ground in the lap of the Himalayas Ghala gaun proffer you an archetypical Nepali village taste. In the thick of south asia ghale gaun lamjung is popular in cultural (Gurung traditio

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Basic Nepali Phrases

Basic Nepali phrases and words to get along Nepal cited as Roof of the world is one of the best destination for travelers. From highest mountains to the deepest canyon, from densest world herita

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