Everest-Base camp, trekking in everest

Everest Base Camp Via Jiri

Jiri Everest Base Camp Trek- A Forgotten Trail To Everest Base Camp Do you want to be greeted by seducing natural beauty of snowy peaks on the early morning of each and every day?  Want to ignit

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What makes you a Volunteer?

What Motivates you to volunteer? It is human to want to help others and helping other is exactly what volunteering is all about. You can use your already acquired abilities to help others. However, a

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The Great Himalayan Trails Packing lists

What I need for traveling to the Himalayas?

Travelling in the great Himalayas is always the best part for travellers who love adventure, peace and thrill. There are many tour package for Himalayas. Annapurna Region, Langtang Region, Everes

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Volunteering in Kathmandu Nepal

Orphanage voluntourism in Kathmandu, Nepal

Orphanage voluntourism in Kathmandu   Wikipedia say,"An orphan is someone whose parents are dead, unknown, or have permanently abandoned them."  Human is animal. We love to help

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Khumbu valley trek,  Khumbu region trek

Holidays at the Top of the World- Everest, Nepal

Exploring Nepal has been a dream for most of the people around the world.  Nepal, with its natural and cultural beauty, along with its ethnic diversity appeals to visitors to Nepal. Nepal is hom

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The Great Himalayan Trail Cost, Itinerary and Details

The Great Himalayan Trail | GHT Have you traveled Nepal? Nepal is obviously the best destination for visitors. I can guarantee that The Great Himalayan Trail is the perfect long time trek in Nepal. I

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Traveling in Himalayas

Top 5 Benefits to Travelling to Himalayas

  To travel is to live and for that, you should find some beautiful place that is worth your time and expenses. Travel is all about finding a new purpose. To explore and to experience the inte

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dalbhat- Popular Nepalese Recipe

Blog on Nepalese food Dal and Bhat

 Nepalese Dal - Bhat  Nepal smorgasbord of diverse culture garners numerous Nepalese cuisines with its distinctive taste and textures which is perfect blend of Tibetan, Indian and Chin

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Everest-Base camp, trekking in everest

Everest base camp trek

  Source: One Sick Dream Our first big adventure in Nepal is the Everest Basecamp Trekking. The Everest Holiday arranged everything perfectly and also on a super low budget.For only 450 dollar p

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The great Himalayan trail

  The great Himalayan trail It is not only the longest but also the highest trekking trail in the world. It gives one the chance to wander through the base of the highest mountains, navigating

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