Bhutan sometimes called as the happiest place on earth is landlocked country located at eastern Himalayas surrounded by China on the north and northwest and India on the south, southwest, and east. Temperature in Thimphu, located at 2,200 metres (7,218 ft) above sea level in west-central Bhutan, range from approximately 15 to 26 °C during the monsoon season of June through September but drop to between about -4 and 16 °C  in January.

It has 59 natural mountain lakes as well as 2,674 glacial lakes make the landscape breathtaking. There are three ethnic group living  in Bhutan ,the Sharchops lives in eastern likewise Ngalungs live in northwest and the last one are Lhotshampas who live in southern foothill districts. The Paro, Thimpu, Flora and Fauna, Tashichhodzong, Phuentsholing, Zangto pelri temple, Taktsang Punakha,Tashigang and Tongsa are the main attraction in Bhutan.

Bhutan is a perfect destination for mountain lovers. Cut off from outside world for years bhutan offers you a dream trip with  forested gorge to landscape that ranges from high-altitude desert to striking rhododendron forest.